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Hi, I'm Renato! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Full Stack Developer from 🇺🇾 based in 🇦🇷. Currently working as a Full Stack Developer at DevSavant while studying Systems Engineering in UTN FRCU.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile or download my Resume from the button below.

I'm Passionate about embracing new challenges and continuously seeking opportunities for learning. I approach problem-solving with a positive mindset, tackling issues with enthusiasm.

Outside of work, I enjoy staying active through sports, have a deep love for dogs, and appreciate traditional Uruguayan culture, including the art of asados ๐Ÿ–, drinking mate ๐Ÿง‰, and eating alfajores.

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Full Stack Developer at DevSavant

August 2023 - Present

Key Wins

  • Took charge of developing a POC to smoothly blend Feature Flags into both the project's frontend and backend using PostHog and LaunchDarkly.
  • Led the creation of detailed guidelines on building new project modules, finally addressing a five-year backlog.
  • Designed and implemented a new module of the application that communicates seemlessly with two external APIs.
  • Refactored an entire Angular application, achieving a 20% reduction in code amount and enhancing performance by 10%.

Role Responsabilities

  • Create, maintain and test API endpoints with Python and PHP
  • Add web user interaction through Angular components
  • Create and maintain databases in MySQL with SQLAlchemy as the ORM
  • Refactor legacy Angular applications, enhancing performance by 10%
  • Implement Feature Flags from scratch using LaunchDarkly SDKs
  • Employ JavaScript and jQuery for frontend development to maintain legacy apps

Full Stack Developer at Onetree

February 2023 - August 2023

Key Wins

  • Designed and implemented the entire API for new entities, establishing endpoints for data creation, editing, deletion, and retrieval, and successfully integrated the wrapper API in Node.js with the core API in .NET.
  • Pioneered the implementation of API testing using Postman integrated tools, resulting in a 10% reduction in QA time for tasks related to the API.
  • Developed comprehensive documentation and step-by-step guides that reduced the onboarding time of new team members in 10%.

Role Responsabilities

  • Backend for frontend (BFF) with Node.js.
  • Create and maintain API endpoints in .NET and Node.js.
  • Add web user interaction through Angular 12+ components.
  • Persist and manage data using MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Tech Implementation Analyst at Onetree

March 2022 - February 2023

  • Led a successful two-month project from inception to deployment, overseeing Jira ticket administration, driving Scrum ceremonies, conducting code reviews and resolving team conflicts.
  • Collaborated with a cross-functional team of four individuals to develop and deliver comprehensive training sessions to a group of 20 users.
  • Constructed and maintained a snippet library, streamlining the implementation of new projects and reducing project completion time by 10%.
  • Authored documentation on best practices to implement new projects from scratch, reducing onboarding time for new team members by 15%.

Role Responsabilities

  • Conduct backend development with microservices in Node.js.
  • Engage in daily customer interactions to understand and implement optimal solutions.
  • Develop JavaScript code for frontend data validation and seamless API interaction.
  • Utilize HTML and CSS to craft custom designs tailored to specific customer requirements.



DentivaCare is an application designed for storing, managing, and monitoring patients within an odontological clinic. It allows the user to register new patients, schedule appointments, and keep track of their treatments.

The application is built with Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js with Typescript, Express.js as the backend framework for the API and MongoDB for persistance.
It integrates with Mailtrap for email notifications. The frontend app is deployed on Vercel and the backend on Heroku.

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Sofya Store

Sofya is an online store designed to widen women's shopping experience, presented in a visually appealing website, seamless functionality and strong security measures.

With its powerful combination of Angular, Firebase, OAuth2 and Bootstrap, Sofya ensures an engaging and trustworthy platform for customers to explore and purchase fashionable outfits.

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FreeCodeCamp JavaScript Challenges

My solutions to the challenges presented in the final section of the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Course.

Some of this challenges include a Roman Numeral Converter, Caesars Cipher and a US Telephone Number Validator.

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